Androdumpper Apk for Android,iOS & PC Free Download WPS connect

Androdumpper application will strive hard to connect to various Routers which have WPS enabled on the wi-fi routers and have the WPS vulnerability using a wide variety of algorithms to connect to the wifi and Androdumpper application ultimate goal is to connect any wifi near your location so that you can enjoy free internet. But the developers of the AndroDumpper application claim that they created this app for education purpose only , so that you can check and test  your wifi or network for any vulnerabilities.

They also clearly mentioned that they do not take any responsibility if any one use AndroDumpper app for bad purpose or for hacking others routers where actually you do not have access to use those wifi routers.

How To Hack Wifi Password Using Androdumpper app

1.First enable wifi on your Android device.

2.Go to Androdumpper app on your device.

3.Scan all the wifi networks near to your android device. check to show all the available networks never try on your own network and already connected networks. Please note that you can only use on WPS enable network.


4.As I said before search for a WPS enable network If you find any network try to connect to that network through AndroDumpper app.

5.Now tap on Rooted or Non-rooted what ever you want to choose.

6.Then tap on Try With method.

hack wifi using

How to download AndroDumpper apk for Android

We can download Androdumpper apk in following two ways.

1.Google play storeAndroDumpper-apk-download

We can download easily AndroDumpper apk from google play store and this is the official way to download AndroDumpper from the below link.



2.Thirdparty sites

We can also download Andro Dumpper apk from other third party sites but be careful when you download AndroDumpper apk from these websites as they may injected with viruses.

How to install AndroDumpper apk in Android devices?

When you download Andro Dumpper apk from google play you don’t need to worry about installing the Andro Dumpper apk application in your android mobiles as the AndroDumpper apk is from official google play store it will be installed automatically.

In case if you downloaded the Andro Dumpper apk from third party app stores or sites you need to install the Andro Dumpper apk manually.

Here is the process.

Setting up your devices to install AndroDumpper apk manually

From your Android devices like tablets, high end smartphones running Android version 4.0 or higher, first you need to go to settings in your android phone, scroll down and tap on option Security and then tap on the check box of Unknown sources this setting allows you to install the apk files or apps which are out side of the Google play store. Generally every android device  considers apps out side of the google play store as harmful. In some high end Android devices there is an option called Verify apps enable this option if you want get notified when you are installing the apps out side of the google play store.

In older versions of Android devices that is below Android version 4.0, just go to settings in your device and then open the applications option and tap on the Unknown sources, and a pop is going to alert on your device and finally click ok.

In this way you can install the AndroDumpper apk in your android device from third party app stores or sites successfully and if you need latest movies visit filmywap apk .

Androdumpper For Iphone(ios) :

Download Androdumpper iOS free app from internet itself as there is no official site for androdumpper ios version. AndroDumpper for iphone,ios,ipad,This application provides more flexibility to ios device users and very easy to operate.

iOS version of Androdumpper has a nice and unique User Interface as compared to androdumpper android app users and has best compact view. Till now there is no tool like androdumpper that is released for ios users on the internet,Download Androdumpper on iOS 10+ versions from internet for. Free download Androdumpper for ios, and Androdumpper for iPhone 6s,7,8. WPS connect iOS tool is Androdumpper. Apps Like Androdumpper

In this post iOS, 10+ users can download Androdumpper for iphone app free from the official website. WPS connect iOS Androdumpper for iphoneapp download free Androdumpper APK 1.87 & 1.88  version now. By using this application you can hack WiFi for iOS. Download AndroDumpper for iOS Blackberry. Androdumpper-wps-connect-1-88.apk recently updated.

How To Use Androdumpper On PC :

  1. First of all download bluestacks android emulator on your pc from the official bluestacks site.
  2. Next install bluestacks on your pc.
  3. Then open the bluestacks software to download and install androdumpper app on your pc.
  4. After opening bluestacks goto search bar and type androdumpper.Then you will be asked to login using your gmail account.Type your username and password then you will get some search results.
  5. Click on the first app and click on install button.
  6. Within few seconds androdumpper apk will be downloaded and installed on your pc inside bluestacks emulator.

That’s it now open androdumpper on your pc and follow “How To Hack Wifi Password Using Androdumpper app” steps from above to hack wifi on your pc using androdumpper.

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Androdumpper for PC/Windows 10/Laptop

There is no official app  for Andro Dumpper for PC/Windows but still you can use AndroDumpper in your PC/Windows by following ways.

Remix OS

Remix OS is the top choice to use AndroDumpper apk for PC/Windows . Yes but installing modified version of Remix OS on your PC/ windows is a tiresome process. If you want to use Andro Dumpper app on your PC/Windows it is one of the best way. Remix OS is completely a desktop Operating System which is based on Android.

Although it is a very complicated process to set up the software packages. To install Remix OS on your pc/windows you need to disable Secure Boot and then choose Remix from the boot menu in Windows, here what actually you are doing is dual booting. There are many videos on youtube to install Remix Os your PC . This OS gives exact same experience of your android device on PC/ Windows . We tried this method to use Androdumpper app for PC/Windows and it is working like a charm.

Remix OS runs Android stable version of Marshmallow and I recommend do not use this OS as your Prmary OS unless your needs of computer and its uses are very minimal. It’s specially a great choice if you want to use AndroDumpper app on your PC/Windows as it handles some complicated android apps very well on PCs.


You can also download AndroDumpper apk for PC/Windows with the help of Bluestacks. Bluestacks app player is a great software whick makes your computer,PC or laptop into a completely Android device with bigger screen. Yes it is very exiting to have this software and use AndroDumpper app for PC/windows through this app or software.

Bluestacks uses a virtual window on your windows PC to run AndroDumpper app. You could easily navigate between the Andro Dumpper app and windows. So it is one of the easiest and best way to use AndroDumpper app for PC/Windows.


Amiduos is also one of the finest way to use AndroDumpper apk for PC/Windows. Amiduos is a Lollipop powered and installs stock version of android on your PC .It is preinstalled with amazon appstore and has all capabilities of Android sideloadings so you can easily install the AndroDumpper app on your PC/Windows through Amiduos.

As amiduos is the most responsive version of Android version on PC/windows it gives traditional Android Experience and it is best to use Andro Dumpper  app for PC/Windows.


Andy has many disadvantages to use AndroDumpper app for PC/Windows. Andy is loaded with tons of ads on its software and installs the unwanted malicious softwares on your PC and chage your default search engine to some crappy search engine and gives lot of troubles.I don’t recommend Andy to use Andro Dumpper app for PC/Windows. Still if you want to experience this software you can use Andy to use AndroDumpper apk for PC/Windows. Andy is based on Marshmallow version and it is quiet responsive to use the Andro Dumpper app on your PC/Windows.

You will have options like AndroDumpper custom pin, AndroDumpper no custom pin, AndroDumpper Bruteforce (for rooted user). Then it will show the option like Try to connect to the network and it will show the network details and if that networks is affected with bugs and it retrieves the password from that network and shows the password of the network. Now copy the password and connect to that network.

Some misbeliefs of AndroDumpper application

  • Many people think that to use AndroDumpper application they need to root their android phone which is actually not correct. Rooting of the device is not totally required.
  • You should root your android mobile only when you are using android 4.4,  all the versions of below android 5 need to be rooted to use the Andro Dumpper application.
  • To use AndroDumpper application you need to give location permission for wifi network scanning in your device
  • For Android 4.4 and earlier version users they need to root their android devices for both connecting to the wifi and showing passoword and if you are not rooted then it is impossible to use the Andro Dumpper application.
  • For Android 5 [Lollipop] and above users it is not mandatory to root the your android devices to use AndroDumpper application but if your device is not rooted  you can only use the Andro Dumpper application to connect the wifi and you could not show the password until your device is rooted.
  • If your android device is rooted you will get a notification to select the root method or no root method and you can show the password using two ways.

Latest updates details

You can easily download androdumpper apk from the link given above in the same article. It is the latest updated version and here are its details:

App last updated on: November 17, 2017

Apk file size: 3.4 MB

No. of installations till date: 10+Millions

Updated version: 2.14

Android version required: 4.2 and Above

Developer name: Osama Abukmail

Bug Fixes: Fixed threaded 3D switching

Important points about Androdumpper application

Only those users who rooted their devices could show passwords for your current saved wifi networks, you need to go to the Menu and then you should choose (Saved Networks)

Incase if you know the PIN of WPS already you could use the app to connect and get the password using your PIN

You may be frustrated as you may could not connect to some networks because AndroDumpper application could not connect to some of the Acess Points as these Acess points which may not affected by the WPS bug. So it is clearly not at all the mistake of application. Andro Dumpper application only make use of the bugs of Access point to connect to wifi network.

It is very silly and funny when you are using Andro Dumpper application on your own network or any other already connected network which is ultimately useless as Andro Dumpper application will successfully connect with already saved networks or connected networks although your network is not effected with the bug of WPS.

The routers with WPS Push button and with no fixed PIN, then the AndroDumpper application won’t work properly as it try to use the fixed PIN.

Androdumpper Reviews

In this section we collected some merits and demerits of AndroDumpper from various sources and from these Andro Dumpper reviews you can learn many new things about AndroDumpper which are not disclosed above.

5 Star AndroDumpper Reviews

1.AndroDumpper is a amazing app once you understand it. You may face difficulties when you are facing and using the app initially. A small tip from my experience how to connect wifi around your device(Tip: If you people are facing any issues to connect wifi just go near till the WiFi bars are full and try connecting to the wifi multiple time atleast 6-7 times till you are connected.)

2.AndroDumpper app is great but in some worse times it takes few minutes to get password and sometimes it takes a whole day to get password of same WifI. By the way I am a huge fan of Andro Dumpper  app for this app and thanks.

3.AndroDumpper apk works exactly what it say in the description of the app and I love Andro dumpper app like crazy.

4.AndroDumpper developers  a small suggestion from my side add some more algorithms for TP-Link, Cisco and Tenda routers.

5.I love this app very much it helps me to connect to the wifi without any password issue and it helps me to update my device software to the latest versions and I want to thak the developers of Andro Dumpper app.

6.AndroDumpper is a very good app and it works for break wifi password but it could not break the WPA2 password.

7.AndroDumpper is a super app . I am using this app since one year and it is  the best wifi hack tool and please upgrade WAP/WAP2 HACK  and Overall Andro Dumpper is a great app.

8.AndroDumpper is a wonderful app And toward 20 to Wi-Fi Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalyyyyyyh I got hacked.

9.AndroDumpper developers I am begging you please bring the update to crack wpa2  and remaining everything is awesome in the app.


10.Andro Dumpper is great app and 100% working.

1 star AndroDumpper reviews

1.AndroDumpper latest update is waste not hacking.

2.AndroDumpper is a useless app it does not connect to wpa2 wifi network

3.I like Andro Dumpper app but it requires more improvements and give proper next update.

4.AndroDumpper team please make a pin for Jiofi2 it is not working for jio network.

5.Andro Dumpper is good but it could not break some WiFi but some Wifi has Mac and it could not break it.

6.AndroDumpper is does not support marshmallow…..6.1

7.AndroDumppe is a time wast app if your phone is not rooted.

8.I think this app is only using Dictionary attack or bruteforce attack nothing else worst app

9.Androdumpper is working like charm if it connected but it is taking fucking whole one day to connect to the network so one star from my side.

10.Androdumpper app hack only no AP Vendor wifi. It doesn’t work which has AP Vendor.

Androdumpper Random Pins Dictionaries List :

Androdumpper app Random Pins Dictionaries Lists for BruteForce ( for people who don’t know where to get or create dictionary ) can be downloaded from links below:

100 Pins:

500 Pins:

1000 Pins:

5000 Pins:

10000 Pins:

50000 Pins:

100000 Pins:

500000 Pins:

1000000 Pins:

5000000 Pins:

Conclusion : So we have clearly mentioned about andrdumpper apk in te above guide.We have researched everything about androdumpper app before giving a review on it.We have downloaded,installed and used it on our android phone and iphone too.Also we used Download androdumpper apk on pc by using bluestacks android emulator for pc.Androdumpper apk is developed only for educational purpose but not to do illegal things.We or the app developers are not responsible for any of the illegal things done by you.Apps like androdumpper are developed by developers only to educate users.Thanks for reading our androdumpper article.Soon we will update some more tricks,pins,tutorials,updated androdupper apk files here.So stay tuned to grab them.If you have any queries or suggestions related to androdumpper app then please feel free to contact and share with us.