If you would like to test the security of your own wheelchair ́s wifi password out of a telephone, if it be T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Spring or some other firm, you can’t miss this article complete with the best existing programs to audit programs from Android and iOs.

Are these programs really beneficial to audit wifi networks?  Admittedly, it is not the best way, but if one of those apps can inform you that your wifi password, then you have a real difficulty All these are the 3 most important things that you have to perform:

  1. Change your own wifi password to get a more powerful one
  2. Utilize a WPA2 encryption.
  3. Deactivate your own router ́s WPS.
  4. Change the SSID.

This is actually the first step to make it impossible to hack on your wifi.

I ́m going to show you a few programs for mobile phone or tablet computer utilized to audit wifi networks.  Don ́t you think to get another of using these to hack wifi or steal wifi (which is illegal and completely immoral).It is also possible to use this kind of program to learn your wifi password in the event you forget or lose it.


  1. Identify your Internet Service Purveyor (ISP)
  2. Chose the program appropriate to your purveyor.
  3. Download the program from our official site.
  4. Assess your system ́s security in under two minutes.

Therefore, if you’ve arrived to this page after Googling the best way to hack wifi, slip wifi, crack wifi password or something similar you’re in the incorrect place.

Here you will find out the way to audit wifi connections in a really simple manner using Android to look at the security of the connection.

On the other hand, the utmost effective way is WifiSlax.  Shortly we will present a professional community auditing course with WifiSlax.

These program really do is inform you that if you harbor ́t altered your router ́s default wifi password, then your password will probably be quite feeble and it ́s going to look in your mobile phone ́s display and it ́s going to be available to some hacker round.

I have been doing research about the efficiency of those apps to audit Android networks, those which don’t need root permits and I urge ́t think they’re helpful.  Perhaps if you don ́t understand anything about tech.  (Don ́t miss our newest guide on the best way to root Android in five minutes, all brands and models).  These apps work practically the exact same manner.  First, they scan the different connections, and shows in green the ones which are feeble) If yours is indicated as weak, then you need to change it.

It is possible to assess the wifi of Vodafone, Cricket, T-mobile, Spring or some other firm in countries like E.E.U.U and England, irrespective of their web having WPA, WPA2 or WEP security.

It isn ́t essential to learn more about network security, no wifi hacker could use these programs and this isn ́t ethic hacking either.   If you would like to audit your wifi in a more professional manner, you have to to use WifiSlax.

How To Hack Wifi Password :

Hackers use many techniques to crack wifi passwords along with wifi password hack In this article I am going to reveal a few mobile phone programs that simulate the hacking of a web What they actually do is assess your internet ́s security.  A lot of men and women take advantage of how wifi routers are vulnerable since their default password is quite feeble for its algorithm with which they produce the passwords is public domain.

Luckily, router makers are doing their homework and people are opening their ayes and starting to modify their default passwords (something that you must do immediately and often to avoid being hacked).

But how can a hacker hack wifi?  Using audit systems like WifiSlax, Wifiway, Backtrack o Beini.  For this, if you understand how to utilize one of those programs, nobody will have the ability to hack on your wifi.

In the screenshot above you’ve got some Iphone programs with which you will have the ability to look at your wifi passwords.  One of those iOs programs that I have tried is Wifiaudit.

These programs don ́t continue on the Apple Store because most individuals put them to bad use.  It ́s miserable but instead of using them to test their own wifi, they utilize them to hack wifi.


Now it ́s time to test 14 android programs I were trying.


This program is really fresh and functions really well.  It is different to the remainder from the list since, exactly like some Wifislax apps, it also takes advantage of the vulnerability of this WPS protocol.  It is helpful to assess if you have any security issue on account of your WPS protocol.

Androdumpper App

You may use it in 2 manners: Root manner and without it.I believe it is now the best wifi audit program.  It functions really well.

       Download Androdumpper App

Wifi WPS WPA Tester

It is one of the latest programs to audit wifi to look in the Play Store.  More than 52.000 individuals have rated it with 5 stars.They could ́t all be wrong, can they?

Wifi Wpa Wps Tester Apk

Some lines back I wrote that this kind of programs will be getting les and less effective.  But, Wifi WPS wpa Tester works really nicely to get a simple reason: it requires root permits to decode the algorithm of this router ́s WPS.  It is not just a program containing a database with all the routers ́s default passwords, it may also decode WPS codes if the router gets its WPS activated.  If this is the situation, deactivate your WPS NOW!

The WPS pin is calculated through numerous algorithms:

  • Zhao
  • TrendNet
  • Dlink
  • Arris

Router Keygen

Router Keygen Android

According to the evaluations I ́ve managed to perform, Router Keygen will tell you that the wifi password if the SSID as well as the path ́s default password haven’t been modified, and just with a few models.

When folks Google “the best way to hack wifi out of Android” this program is the first result thus alter your default password.

Wlan Audit 

This tool is different kind Router Keygen.  Wlan Audit allow ́s you understand the router ́s Mac and its kind of security.  It also reveals the wifi ́s signal.  It is a popular program since it neither cracks nor unlocks wifi passwords.  This program is useful to assess you signals range to decide whether to get an entry point, an wifi amplifier, or possibly a PLC to reinforce the signal in areas like the garage of their attic.

HHG5XX Wep Scanner

HHG5XX Wep Scanner

This program assesses the security of Huawei routers, especially the model HHG5XX.

The program can crack all of the passwords that the business fills it up with.   The program can do it thanks to this algorithm Huawai mac2wepkey.  If you’ve got this router, which is fairly common, you need to install this program to look at your password with Android.



WifiPass Wifi Pass is one of those programs to audit wifi with Android which uses networks like JAZZTEL_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX among others.  If you desire additional information, browse our review.   It is possible to begin changing your configuration!

In Spain this kind of web is really common.



Contrary to Wifi Pass, Pul Wifi is one of those programs with much more passwords in its database.  Like WifiPass, it fractures nets of this kind JAZZTEL_XXXX , WLAN_XXXX , WLANXXXXXX, YACOMXXXXXX, WIFIXXXXXX, some that utilize default D-Link Routers and a few of these Huawei models.What have you heard thus far?  I hope you’ve released that you need to modify your own wifi´s SSID assap.   You’re going to avoid being hacked kind Android.

Wireless Cracker

Wireless Cracker

This program is one of the ones you need to install to check the security of your wifi connection since, as its nam implies, it is one of the most utilized to hack wifi.  Wirelss cracker let´s you decode passwords from many knids of web: Bbox-XXXXXX, DMAXYYYYYY,Discus–XXXXXX,INFINITUMXXXXXX, SpeedTouchXXXXXX, ThomsonXXXXXX and Orange-XXXXXX.

Turbo Wifi for Claro routers

If you’ve got a Claro router and would like to remember your password or assess your internet´s security, this is a fantastic program.  Turbo Wifi is the best program to find these passwords.  This program takes advantage of the vulnerability of Claro routers whenever they create the default wifi password.   If you’ve got a Claro router, then change the default password and then also don´t worry.

You won´t manage to receive all the passwords but if your router has a WEP password along with also a SSID TURBONET_XXXXX, it will completely exposed.   Therefore the best thing you can do to avoid being hacked is to utilize a WPA2 password written with uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.  As you can see, with a simple Android program anybody can access your Claro router´s wifi password.

WPA Tester – Wifi Password

This program works in a similar way to the remainder being in a position to decode default passwords from a number of the very commercial routers in the marketplace including people from Ono, or at least so they say.


RouterpwnIt is one of those apps for cracking wifi passwords that I use the very least.It is one of the numerous wifi audit programs you can find on the market.  I don´t understand quite well how it works (I haven´t found much information) but after I tested it and it managed to give me the password of a client from Santiago de Chile.


I have found it on many forums though I haven´t been able to try it yet.

Wifi Recover my password

This fairly unknown program is quite fantastic to retrieve your missing wifi passwords If you’ve forgotten them.It is known as “Wifi Recover my password”..

This wifi password program includes an extremely peculiar dictionary including all of the default passwords of a good deal of routers.    It is possible to address the problem if you’ve got internet on your mobile phone for the program can get the dictionary online.  A fantastic way to find out if your wifi could be hacked of if you want to modify tour password to get a more powerful one.

This options have to be activated in alterations.

The dictionary contains the passwords of all the most frequent routers which companies give free of charge and some more.

The sole models it lacks will be TP-LINK, but nobody is ideal.

The program´s interface is quite similar to the remainder.

You will certainly find a lot of programs that still function with their default wifi passwords, for this it is really important that you change yours.

Wifi passwords by Company

To audit a wifi system it is important to be aware of the business or internet provider.  It is not the Exact Same auditing that a Movistar wifi password than one by Jazztel or even Ono.

Jazztel AccountsIf you’ve got a Jazztel router, then you need to be exceptionally careful, Jazztel routers will be the most vulnerable ones.If you don´t change your default password, then anybody can hack it.

To check that I´m right, donwload like Router Keygen and attempt to decode a Jazztel wifi.  It will take less than two seconds.  Even if you change your passwords with audit programs like Wifislax, Wifiway or Beni, it may be cracked very easily if you don´t have WPA2 encryption.

Think that a lot of men and women utilize this audit programs as Wifi Password Crackers, and if you use the default option WPA password, then you’re fucked, even more with Jazztel.  The best that you can do is produce a superstrong password with upper and lower letters, symbols and numbers and a WPA2 encryption.

Ono Passwords

If you would like to produce your Ono wifi password more powerful, the best means to do it attacking the WPS vulnerability with Wifislax.You might also audit Ono wifi passwords with an Android appa ONO4XXFREE.  You may download it in our download site.   It is important that you can’t receive your wifi password with any one of both of these approaches, for if you do, anybody can do it.  Change your password, SSID and other security  parameters until you’re entirely certain that your wifi system is impenetrable.

ONO4XXFREE is not quite as powerful as Wifislax, for it may simply crack passwords in the older ONO routers which have WEP and WPA passwords along with just the default ones.

The SSID of all Ono networks has this nomenclature:


ONO4XXFREE can simply audit ONO passwords with an SSID ONOXXXX That Don’t have letters, and only those routers whose MAC begins by:

  • E0:91:53
  • 00:01:38

It is worth your time to look at your internet´s security, even if it requires some time to look at the security of your ONO router with WIFISLAX.  If you’ve got additional model of router by ONO, don´worry, then the algorithm to the other routers hasn’t been leaked.  ONO is one of the safest companies and much more now that they’ve allied with Vodafone.  They give you fairly great Netgear routers, even though you can´t place them up yourself.

Movistar Passwords

Movistar wifi routers are one of the most difficult to hack.  They often have a similar SSID.  As you can visit in your city, it is one of the most used.  A lot of the existing Android programs can audit Movistar wifi  passwords.  Therefore, if you’ve got one of these routers, you have to be  especially careful.  Movistar  is one of those companies which put up their router with the WPS activated by default so many hackers could split your wifi with programs like Androdumpper apk  WifiSlax.  They will be capable to decode Movistar wifi password really easily.

It menas that if you’ve got a Movistar router that you´de deactivate the WPS and change the password to a more powerful one.

Vodafone Passwords

Security in Vodafone Routers wasn’t all it´s cracked up to be earlier 2015, for in 2014 the algorithm that the business utilized because of their WPA2 passwords was first leaked.  So those routers out of 2014 or older who have the default password are more vulnerable.

By way of instance, Router Keygen has this algorithm.   Luckily, the brand new VODAFONE routers are fairly difficult to hackon.  The best method to audit your Vodafone wifi is by using Kali Linux and its program “Wifiphisher”.  It is a really innovative security program with which you may audit wifi in a professional manner.

I like to explain all these approaches so that you may guard yourself from any possible strike.  What WifiPhisher does is produce a false entry point and lock in the router.  If you’re surfing your own network, then you will unexpectedly lose your signal and a screen will appear asking to write the password again, and that´s how Wifiphisher gets your password.

So if suddenly you find a new display asking for your password, don’t write it!   This system is similar to the one which utilizes Linset.

This process works for almost any other kind on web.

Orange Passwords

The best method to audit an Orang wifi password is using the Android program “PulWifi” (we´ve already seen it and it is available at no cost in our download page).

This program is quite simple to use.  You will realize the exposed connections in green and also the powerful ones in red.  This program contains the Orange algo-rithm.  In other words, it has all of the default passwords with which Orange sets up their routers with.  Another program with which you can assess the security of your Orange wifi is WirelessCracker.  It functions like PulWifi, you will have the ability to observe that the  Orange SSID in green if it is vulnerable.

If you change the SSID, you will be fairly shielded from hackers.  Regrettably there are many.

Claro Accounts

As noticed previously, the best option to inspect the security of your Claro  wifi is your program TURBOWIFI.

Recently I´ve been trying a brand new program which works very well called Wifi Unlocker.

I have reviewed it in a place in which you have the APK available for downloading and updating.Before wrapping up I´d like to inform you that recently there are new programs in the Google Play Store that simulate a wifi hack.

The amusing thing is that this kind of program is that although the Play Store clearly says that it is an program to create some pranks with friends, you will find over 1.000 times comments that the program doesn´t work and it´s a ripoff.   It appears more like a prank to people who wish to hack wifi.

Nevertheless, this app was downloaded over 100.000 times.We don’t favor or encourage any illegal usage.

Every user has to have the permission of the owner of this Network to audit.

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